We are responsible for the project "Quinta do Ganhão."
Our farm is located near the Vidigueira and dedicated to bred and dissemination of  Estrela Mountain Dog and English Setter. Aim of this project, firstly, to develop a serious and responsible breed, seeking above all the welfare of our dogs and create the conditions for its proper development
Our dogs have at their disposal:
- Boxes with indoor and outdoor area with automatic drinkers and feeders
- Tour of Nursing;
- Maternity;
- Baths;
- Boxing Quarantine;
- A "recreational" with 4 acres planted to move freely;
- Care of Hygiene and Disinfection daily;
- Monitoring Veterinary
- Screening of Hereditary Diseases;
- Handling and protection;

Our dogs run, jump, play and live ... free and healthy! They are part of our family and share with us all the spaces ... to the pool!
We also have horses an our dogs live not only with each other but also with other species, in perfect harmony, situation that instills good habits of sociability.
Our main concern, the dogs! Our main commitment is to them!
Despite our location, the torrid Alentejo, the Estrela mountain dog are perfectly acclimatised. they have plenty of shade and water. Refuge during the day, despite constantly vigilant, and it is at night that are more active and alert. However, it is undoubtedly the winter they feel "like a fish in water". They love to jump into the water, even when temperatures are freezing and despite the warmth of their homes, they prefer to laze around in the rain. In summer, failing that, place strategically around the sprinklers and wait for hours watering and there are delighted to receive his "particular rain"!
The Setters, if we allowed, spent their days in search of their prey, chasing hares, partridges and quail that inhabit wild, in our land. Spend their days agile and active, being able to run without stopping for hours. The only break they do is to dive into the water of the horses, or even in our pool!
For these two breeds have such different habits, is sharing the farm, without conflicts. None of our dogs feel the need to compete and together form a team without equal!